My Podcast Project

Main objective: During a class, students will create and read aloud stories based on given content words.
Level: Intermediate (2nd year)
Class type: Young adults
Aim: practice stress, rhythm and intonation  
Activity focus: speaking
Time: Max 5 minutes
Material:  Computer with access to Internet / Headphones
1. Students sign up to Podbean.
2. Teacher shows participants how to record using Podbean.
3. Teacher shows how to write a reply to a Podbean audio.
4. Teacher shows how to share audio files from Podbean.
5. Teacher tells students:
5.1 they will say a content word. Each student, one content word.
5.2 teacher will copy them on the board.
5.3 students will have 5-10 min to copy the content words and create a story with them.
5.4 students record their story.
5.5 students share the audio.
6. Student chooses a classmate and listens to his/her recording and write comments or questions
in their classmate´s Podbean site.

7. At the end of the class, teacher chooses 2 or more recordings at random and evaluate them based on the content studied.

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